Experience the thrill of helicopter flight.   Fly the classic Bell 47, a legend in helicopters.   Enjoy breathtaking views thanks to the unobstructed cockpit.   Look at the photos below to see what we mean!   Not all helicopter types are able to provide such panoramic views from inside the cockpit.  The Bell 47, with its impeccable service record is truly in a class of its own.   Relax in comfort as the helicopter whizzes through the "Magic Carpet Ride" on take-off, an experience many people find awe-inspiring.

A helicopter may be used for a wide variety of applications, notably photography, filming, sightseeing - some people treat their loved ones for a joy ride. Whatever your requirements, give us a call first - we promise to do our best to help you.     

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The famous Bell 47                   Photo courtesy of Stan Ulmer

The Jersey Shore looking South to Atlantic City

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